[E-learning] The Union Tuberculosis Courses

The Union offers three comprehensive free online courses delivered by leading experts including:


  1. Child and adolescent TB Training for healthcare workers

The training package contains teaching modules on: epidemiology, detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis; tuberculosis in particular high-risk groups such as those living with HIV or mothers and infants; and programmatic aspects and data.

This course is for frontline health workers who deal with child and adolescent TB patients.

This course assumes that the participants have received prior training on basic TB care.

All the material is in English. You can access the course and download material for free. Register here.


  1. Prevent Tuberculosis: Management of TB Infection

Join this free course and improve your knowledge of the management of TB infection.

The target audience are health care workers and public health officers interested in the clinical and programmatic management of TB infection based on the current evidence.

Videos and material are included. Register here.


  1. Programmatic and clinical management of drug-resistant tuberculosis

This course consists of three modules and the course includes everything from the epidemiology and diagnosis of DR-TB to the clinical presentation, treatment, infection control and reporting.

The target audience are clinical officers, nurses, M&E and health information officers, TB program staff not directly involved in DR-TB clinical management.

Videos and material are included. Register here.