[E-learning] Prevent Tuberculosis management of TB infection

We are very pleased to announce that new Union’s free courses of “Prevent Tuberculosis: management of TB infection”. The courses is available in English, Spanish and French.

The following is program overviews:

  1. Program overview of Prevent Tuberculosis: management of TB infection part I

This part will improve your knowledge regarding all aspects of TB infection including the identification and treatment of tuberculosis infection. The course will look at what is required to increase country-level implementation of TB prevention, with a specific focus on the following groups:

  1. people living with HIV in care,
  2. household contacts of people affected by TB, especially those under five years of age, and
  3. persons with risk factors to develop TB.


As part of this online training, there are six modules:

  • Introduction to TB
  • Pathogenesis of TB
  • At risk populations
  • Identifying TB infection
  • TB Prevention Treatment (TPT)
  • Implementation of TB prevention

Each module consists of presentations including graphics, animations, explanations, multiple-choice questions, exercises, and authentic examples. The modules will guide you through the process of managing TB infection, building concepts and knowledge learned in preceding sections.

Modules can be completed online at your own pace and the format is conducive to both independent or group work. The approximate completion time of each module is 30 minutes with the total duration estimated at 6 hours. You do not have to complete all the modules in one session.

At the end of the course, your knowledge on TB infection will be assessed in a final test.


  1. Program overview of Prevent Tuberculosis: management of TB infection part II

This course enhances and complements the knowledge of the “Prevent Tuberculosis: Management of TB Infection course” that is currently available on Union Courses Online (in English, French and Spanish). Throughout this course, case studies and practical examples from different country realities will illustrate the more advanced concepts of TBI identification and care.

The course is available to all audiences as an asynchronous online learning option with a mix of educational units of about 30 min each. A variety of engaging activities such as polls, quizzes, small case studies, simulations, multiple-choice questions (where the incorrect answers highlight classic mistakes) are used to support learner engagement.

The total estimated time needed to complete the course is between 7 and 10 hours. The participant can start the course at any time, pause and come back to it at a later stage, and continue at the same point where he/she had left it.

At the end of the educational unit there is a quiz. The questions must be answered correctly for the participant to move on to the next educational unit. The participant can review the educational unit again and re-take the quiz if the questions were not answered correctly.

Further reading materials are organised by EU and can be accessed on the REFERENCES button on each EU.


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